1999              Mongolia: Buddhist University, Ganden Monastery Ulaan Battor: research on history of traditional hand-made paper

1996              University of Maryland, Appalachian Laboratory, Center for Environmental Science: Visiting Scholar: research, training & activities    related to creative methods in environmental education: aesthetic criteria/recycling concepts & their application/educational strategy & curricula.

1985              Tibet: studied painting techniques of murals in temples of Lhasa, Gyanze & Xigatse

1984              Sikkim, India: studied Tibetan tanka & temple paintings

1982              Peking + Nanchang, China: studied the scroll- paintings of Chu Ta (Pa Ta Shan Jen) – 17th century Chinese painter

1979-1980    Singapore: post-graduate studies: Chinese brush-painting technique with Chinese painting master Nai Swee Leng

1969-1970    Hornsey College of Art, London: Post-graduate (M.A.) course in etching and silk-screen printing

1965-1969    Hornsey College of Art, London: (B.A). Fine Arts Degree Course in Painting, Print-making, Stained glass, History of Art.

1963-1964    Lisbon University: Diploma in Portuguese Language & Literature



2016              Exhibition at Hotel Nestor, Korpo, Finland  from 13 June – 31 August: a 25 year celebration of art-works from the Finnish archipelago with  watercolours and drawings of landscapes, portraits and interiors.

2016              Harpa Center, Reykjavik, Iceland from 7-9th October :  participation in the Annual Arctic Forum Assembly with an exhibition of art-works from the Russian far East.

2015              Konstoform Gallery, Sipoo, Finland: participated in group exhibition with water-colours of the  Finnish archipelago (

2015              Sipoo Main Library, Finland: exhibition of over 80 art-works spanning 30 years and  Celebrating  The Unique Finnish Archipelago with images of the landscape, fauna + a portrait of the man who introduced Alison to so many magical places: Gunnar Andersson, retired light-house keeper from  Utö, Finland

2014-2015    Galerie Myrtis, Baltimore, USA: participated in International Group exhibition with collage from African Rhythm Series (Sept 2014 – Jan 2015)

2014              Aalto Cafe, Helsinki, Finland: digital prints of the wild-life, landscapes and faces of the Russian Far East

2013              EYE Magazine, Malawi: article on status of bilharzia now in Cape Maclear, Lake Malawi: Kenneth McKaye and Alison Wiklund

2012              Spirit of Enderby, Heritage Expeditions journey to Russian Far East: An on-board  exhibition of water-colours, drawings of characteristic landscapes, faces and wild-life

2011              Centro Cultural Apoyo, Nicaragua: participation in group exhibition of art-works from Malawi and Nicaragua – celebrating the UN-designated Year of Afro-descendants in the New World

2011              Marlborough Open Studios, Wiltshire, UK – participated in group exhibition during 4 week-ends in July.

2010              Gallery Laterna Magica, Helsinki, Finland:  Exhibition of art-works with Micaela Lappalainen, Helen Närling and Ru Runeberg entitled Crawling, Flying…or Performing…?

2008              Publication: Lake Malawi National Park: UNESCO World Heritage Site: co-author on Government of Malawi book. Lilongwe, Malawi. 292 pages. ISBN 978-0-9789617-4-9

2008              Korpo Kultur Centrum, Finland: exhibition of watercolours entitled “Skargard”

2007              Bee Galleri, Lovisa, Finland: exhibition of watercolours

2006              Utö, Finland: exhibition of watercolours

2005              Galleri Duetto, Helsinki, Finland: Exhibition of paintings in mixed media

2004              Publication: The Hiding Hyena: co-author with Antonia Ringbom on publication of educational cartoon book, using wild-life characters to reduce HIV/AIDS in Malawi, Africa

2003              Nunes Gallery, Helsinki Finland: exhibition – mixed media works – with Micaela Lappalainen & Eeva Raaste.

2003              Finnish Television Documentary Alison I Stora Världen produced by Birgitta Wegelius duration 47’13” April. Biography focused on artistic and conservation work in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Central America

2002              Publication: Wiklund, A.T., and K.R. McKaye. 2002. Bränslebriketter kan rädda skogen i södra Afrika. Finlands Natur 5: Hållbar utveckling I Afrika 12-13. McKaye, K.R. and A.T. Wiklund 2002. Malawisjöns nationalpark grundades för fiskarnas skul. Afrika. Finlands Natur 5: Hållbar utveckling I Afrika 14-15.
Wiklund, A., K.R. McKaye, J. Mponda and J.R. Stauffer Jr. Fuel briquettes as a sustainable economic alternative to deforestation in the Lake Malawi Ecoregion. Sustainable Development International 7: 105-108

2002              Organized WWF Finland’s programme and booths at AFRIKKA 2002 Conference (4/18-21) in Helsinki and brought Project Field Coordinator Joseph Mponda from Malawi to participate in the AFRICA 2002 event in Helsinki. Programme included:
1. Seminar entitled Conservation of a Biological Wonder of the World – the Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi”
2. Film and Panel Discussion Does Development Cooperation Benefit or Threaten Conservation?
3. Seminar entitled Art and the Environment: A Novel Approach for Education and Economic Development in Chembe Village, South Malawi
4. Seminar entitled Fuel Briquettes as a Sustainable Economic Alternative to Deforestation in the Lake Malawi Ecoregion.
5. Collaborated with Graphic Designer and Lecturer at Helsinki University, Piotr Tomaszewski, and presented 18 posters, designed by his students, at the WWF Finland booths. The subjects related to over-fishing, fuel briquettes (alternative to firewood) and eco-tourism in Lake Malawi

2002              Seminar entitled Conservation of African and Central American Cichlids and Community Development, Department of Evolutionary Ecology, University of Helsinki, Finland – May 6

1999              Allegany Arts Council Gallery, Cumberland, Maryland USA exhibition with Debbie Heavener entitled Art and the Environment

1998              Opened own studio in Frostburg, Maryland, USA:  Allegany Arts Council sponsored “Open Studio: artists at work”: participated with a group of 6 artists from Frostburg, who opened their studios to the public, and demonstrated their skills.

1997              Art and the Environment: course using creative methods of recycling at the Appalachian Laboratory, Center for Environmental Science, Frostburg, Maryland, USA

1996              Art and the Environment course with local school-teachers and youngsters, Social Hall, Siuna, RAAS, Nicaragua

1995              Art and the Environment course with local school-teachers and children: Instituto Nacional (INCI), Corn Island, Nicaragua

1994              Art and the Environment course with local school teachers, Cultural Center, Bluefields, RAAS, Nicaragua

1994              “Casa de Los Tres Mundos”, International Cultural Center Granada, Nicaragua: exhibition entitled Three artists, three worlds - drawings, paintings & hand-made paper: jointly with Paul Morales (Nicaragua) and Beverley McKaye (Zimbabwe)

1993              ”Casa de los 3 Mundos”, International Cultural Center, Granada, Nicaragua: an exhibition of children’s murals and local schoolteachers’ art-works entitled Protection of our Environment

1991              Hanko Old Library, Finland: exhibition of paintings (group show):

1990              Kalles Gallery, Ekenäs, Finland: exhibition of painting (group show):

1989              Galleri Suomi, Stockholm, Sweden: exhibition of drawings & paintings – jointly with Finnish artist Carola Gahmberg

1989              Cafe Tant Brun, Hanko, Finland: exhibition of watercolours

1989              Ateljee Hulmi, Loimaa, Finland: exhibition of drawings & paintings

1988              Annegardens Cafe, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of drawings & watercolours

1988              Drumso Library, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of drawings & watercolours

1987              Hagelstam Gallery, Helsinki,Finland: Drawings & paintings

1986              MBI, Ekenäs, Finland: exhibition of pastels & watercolours

1985              National Art Fair: Taidehalli, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of drawings/watercolours & prints: Hagelstam Gallery, Helsinki Finland

10/1984         Seinajoki Taidehalli, Finland: exhibition of drawings/watercolours

07/1983         Cafe Tant Brun, Hanko, Finland: exhibition of drawings & watercolours:

02/1983         Ackerman Gallery, Helsinki, Finland: Drawings/paintings/prints

06/1982         Buster Gallery, Ekenäs, Finland: exhibition of watercolours

10/1981         Atelje Bar, Torni Hotel, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of drawings

09/1978         MBI, Ekenäs, Finland: exhibition of watercolours

04/1978         Hagelstam Gallery, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of watercolours

1975              Finnish Design Center, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of wall-hangings and carpets – jointly with Marina Strukel

1973              Taide Salonki Kellari, Bulevardi, Helsinki Finland: exhibition of drawing/paintings & prints:

1970              Rotunda Gallery, London UK: exhibition of drrawings, paintings & prints – jointly with Finnish artist Carola Gahmberg:

1970              Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London UK: etchings

1969              Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London UK: etchings



2014             The Peace Project in Laguna de Apoyo: funded by a Rotary International grant, gave further assistance in paper-making – to the Director of Art Programmes, Spartacous Cacao

2013             The Peace Project in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua received funding from Rotary International (US Rotary Club 3560 – Aug-Sept) – to organise a studio and workshop to promote hand-made paper products. This was carried out by Alison Wiklund and Ramon Pineda together with a group of students from the local Primary School. The youngsters were taught to recycle waste paper and local fibres (banana stem, stinging nettles etc) as a first step toward making products that could eventually provide an income from the sale of cards and small books…

2013              An educational project funded by the Finnish Foreign Ministry (Jan-Feb) and carried out by Alison Wiklund, Antonia Ringbom and Jonatan Sundstrom – entitled: An indigenous youth workshop using art, film and puppets – to raise awareness and secure the future of the Nicaraguan rainforest was held at Wawashang School in the RAAS (Atlantic coastal region) of Nicaragua and organized by FADCANIC, a Nicaraguan NGO.

2012              Guest speaker at Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary, North Wayanad, Kerala, India: Using art as a tool in Environmental Education

2012              Artist-in-residence: Heritage Expeditions. 3 journeys on Russian research vessel Professor Khromov:  to Sea of Okhostsk, Kuril Islands, Kamchatka Peninsula, Commander Islands and Chukotka Russia

2011              Kondoa-Irangi UNESCO Rock Art Sites: Art & Environment Course at Mnenia Village organized Rock Art Conservation of Tanzania (RACC) – funded as part of a wider project by Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2010              ENSOME ”Enhancing youngsters’ understanding of Lake Malawi National Park: Courses in observation, drawing and creative recycling”

2009-2011    Enhancing Community Action Through Environmental Education in the Lake Malawi Ecoregion. United Nation Development Programme GEF Small Grants Programme

2009              Conservation and Community Projects in Lake Malawi National Park: UNESCO World Heritage Site: A Model for International Cooperation. World Wide Fund for Nature Finland and RAFLI Foundation

2006-2008    Conservation of Lake Malawi and Liwonde National Parks: Strategies for Health, Environmental Education and Economic Diversification of the Surrounding Communities. World Wide Fund for Nature Finland & Finnish Foreign Ministry

2003-2005    Sustainable Economic and Environmental Strategies to Combat Famine and the Invasive Water Hyacinth in Liwonde and Lake Malawi National Parks. The World Wide Fund for Nature Finland and Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

2002-2004    Conservation of Endangered Species of Fishes and Forests of Lake Malawi National Park: Environmental and Economic Strategies. The World Wide Fund for Nature Finland and Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

2002              Finlands Natur – Creative recycling and hand-made paper workshop for youngsters, Nuksio Nature Reserve, Espoo, Finland

2001-2002    Using the Environment as an integrative context for learning. World Wildlife Fund USA

2001              Workshop “Creative recycling & papermaking” Western Maryland Watercolor Association

2000-2001    Using the environment as an integrating context for learning: the interface of art, science and health education. Workshop in creative recycling held at Chembe Village, Malawi in collaboration with Paper Making Education Trust of Malawi (PAMET, Blantyre, Malawi)

2000              VIRTUE Conference, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute: Participated in an exhibition and presentation by Maryland State Department of Juvenile Justice of Appalachian Laboratory’s collaborative work in the field of environmental education

1999              Symposium Sept 19th 1999, entitled “Arts, Sciences and the Humanities: Connections with the Real World.” Pew Foundation, Allegany Arts council, University of Maryland System Administration, Frostburg State University, Maryland

1998              Art, Aesthetics and the Environment exhibition of D.J.J. students’ artwork/creative recycling projects related to programme entitled Juvenile Justice Summit III, Timonium, Maryland USA

1998              Exhibition of students’ art-work as part of Maryland State Department of Juvenile Justice presentation of educational aims in environmental education & integrated learning. Rocky Gap State Park, Allegany County, Maryland USA

1998              The Environment: learning experiments in an integrated context. Presentation/Exhibition of Appalachian Laboratory Environmental Education Committee’s collaborative programme with Maryland. State Department of Juvenile Justice. Maryland State Counties Convention at Ocean City, Maryland

1998              Participated in an exhibition/presentation by Maryland State Department of Juvenile Justice of Appalachian laboratory’s collaborative work in the field of environmental education. M.A.S.C.A (Mid-Atlantic States Correctional Association) Convention in Ocean City

1998              Creative Applications in Recycling: workshop for Maryland State Elementary School Teachers sponsored by Maryland State Arts Council Frostburg State University, Maryland USA

1998              Creative Recycling: artist-in-residency programme sponsored by the Maryland State Arts Council Westmar High School, Maryland USA

1997-2000    Co-Principal Investigator on a 3-year grant ($237,000) entitled “Creative Applications in Environmental Education” with Maryland State Department of Juvenile Justice: an innovative pilot programme aimed at providing further educational opportunities for self-development and the rehabilitation of adjudicated urban youth temporarily placed in W. Maryland Youth Camps. The programme included both a theoretical component related to aesthetic concepts, students’ relationship to their environment, waste management, observation/drawing exercises, as well as hands-on techniques in creative recycling: using local vegetation/waste, students discovered the art of hand-made paper and its potential use in book-making, cards and posters

1996-2000     Member of Environmental Education Committee, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science: responsible for proposals, developing creative recycling methods, for using art as a tool – in Environmental Education Programme within the Maryland School System

1997              Elected onto Maryland State Arts Council Artist- in-Residence Roster for Maryland State Public Schools

1997              Coordinator: co-Principal Investigator for Pilot Project entitled “Creative Applications in Environmental Education for Socially Deprived Youth of Maryland” with Maryland Juvenile Justice Department

1992-1996    Recruited by Finnish Non-Governmental Organization “KEPA – Service Centre for Development Cooperation” to work in Nicaragua: International Cultural Centre -”Fundacion Casa de los Tres Mundos”, Granada. Coordinator for Visual Arts Activities and Education: created an Arts Education Programme for children, youngsters and women from all social backgrounds; workshop training in silk-screen printing; the training of 3 young Nicaraguan artists to lead a series of short courses (for children & adults): painting, print-making and history of art lectures; art- teacher training in 5 local schools; research into recycling/plant uses (colors/hand-made paper) for materials in arts’ courses. In l995, the work location was transferred to the Municipal Council of Corn Island, RAAS, (Atlantic Coast). The creation of the Art Education Programme on Big Corn and Little Corn Islands included the training of 32 local teachers (from a total of 9 schools with a student population of approx. l500) – in painting, ceramics, puppets, hand-made paper and books – using locally available materials; art exhibitions; workshop training in silk-screen printing; funding (SIDA/ASDI) for art-room furniture & equipment in 5 schools; funding (FINNIDA) for the rebuilding of 2 schools destroyed by the hurricane in l988; the promotion of viable, independent handicraft workshops, the creation of the Arts and Crafts Association of Corn Island (ACACI). Collaboration with PEACE CORPS volunteers and UCA/University of Maryland scientists in Managua on environmental projects, also developed the concept of a small local museum to house pre-Columbian shards of pottery

1989-1992    Initiated course: Chinese brush painting: Swedish-speaking Adult Education Institute (Arbis), Helsinki Finland

1983-1992    Initiated silk-screen printing course: Swedish-speaking Adult Education Institute (Arbis), Helsinki Finland

1977-1989    Initiated silk-screen printing course: Finnish- speaking Adult Education Institute, Helsinki (Hel.Kaup.tyovaenopisto)

04-07/1973  Researched silk-screen printing techniques on enamel Wärtsilä (Enamel Factory), Järvenpää; Finland

02/l9/1975    Began weaving studio/workshop with Marina Strukel, Helsinki Finland

09-l2/1971    Organized a silk-screen printing department at Instituto de Artes Decorativas, Madrid Spain

02-04/1971   Responsible for layouts, artwork display, during E. African Safari Rally E. African Automobile Association (Nairobi, Kenya) Competition Department.



1989              Exhibition scholarship from (Finnish) Svenska Kulturfond (Loimaa)

1987              Dunhuang, China: study scholarship from (Finnish Svenska Kulturfond) of murals, sculptures in the “Temple-caves of the lOOO Buddhas”

1982              Beijing & Nanchang, China: study scholarship from (Finnish SvenskaKulturfond) of scroll paintings of l7th century master Chu Ta Shan Jen



Helsinki City Museum
Seinajoki City Art Museum
Ekenas/Tammisaari Town Museum
Hagelstam Gallery, Helsinki
Ekberg Cafe, Helsinki
Paulig OY AB, Helsinki
Backsbacka Collection/Museum, Helsinki
Partek OY, Helsinki
International Cultural Center,
“Casa de los 3 Mundos”, Granada, Nicaragua
Private collections