1999 Mongolia, Buddhist University, Ganden Monastery Ulaan Battor: research on history of traditional hand-made paper + traditional painting techniques
1996 University of Maryland, Appalachian Laboratory, Center for Environmental Science: Visiting Scholar: research, training & activities related to creative methods in environmental education: aesthetic criteria/recycling concepts & their application/educational strategy & curricula
1985 Tibet, studied painting techniques of murals in temples of Lhasa, Gyanze & Xigatse
1984 Sikkim, India, studied Tibetan tanka & temple paintings
1982 Peking + Nanchang, China, studied the scroll- paintings of Chu Ta (Pa TaShan Jen) l7th century Chinese painter
l979-80 Singapore, post-graduate studies: Chinese brush-painting technique with Chinese painting master Nai Swee Leng
l969-70 Hornsey College of Art, London, Post-graduate (M.A.) course in etching and silk- screen printing
l965-69 Hornsey College of Art, London, (B.A). Fine Arts Degree Course in Painting, print-making, stained glass, History of Art
l963-64 Lisbon University, Diploma in Portuguese Language & Literature


2019- Tentative title for both a book + retrospective exhibition is “Alison: an artist’s Journey”. Preparation for forthcoming book publication + retrospective exhibition of her artwork spanning over 5 decades at Kappeilitehadas in April 2022 and reflecting this evolution in her artistic output, the influence of Oriental cultures, as well as the importance of including art as a subject and tool in environmental education, for the next generation, as well as the future health + well-being of our planetary “nest”
2018 Sandvik Harun – Sasong fisket vid Jurmo by Agneta Andersson. Her book included Alison’s drawings/paintings of birds, fishing huts, landscapes + portrait of G. Andersson
2016 Hotel Nestor, 21710 Korpo Island, Finland (”: Celebrating the Finnish Skerries for 30 years – especially the island of Sandvik Harun
2015 Sipoo Main Library, Nikkila, Finland: exhibition of water-colours entitled ”Celebrating the Finnish Skerries for 30 years”
2015 Gumbostrand Konst och Form Gallery, Sipoo, Finland: group exhibition
2014 Myrtis Gallery, Baltimore, USA: group exhibition entitled Emergence 2014
2013-14 Aalto café, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of water-colours, pastels and drawings of Russian Far East wildlife, landscapes and faces
2012 Spirit of Enderby, Russian Far East: An on-board exhibition of water- colours: landscapes, Russian Far East landscapes, faces and wild-life
2011 Centro Cultural Apoyo, Nicaragua: group exhibition of artworks from Malawi +Nicaragua – celebrating UN- designated Year of Afro-descendants in theNew World
2011 Marlborough Open Studios, Wiltshire, UK: group exhibition during 4 week-ends in July
2010 Gallery Laterna Magica, Helsinki,Finland:  with Micaela Lappalainen, Helen Närling + Ru Runeberg
2008 Malawi, Publication: Lake Malawi National Park: UNESCO World Heritage Site: co- author on Government of Malawi book. Lilongwe, Malawi. 292 pages. ISBN 978-0-9789617-4-9
2008 Korpo Kultur Centrum, Finland: exhibition of watercolours entitled “Skargard”
2007 Bee Galleri, Lovisa, Finland: exhibition of watercolours
2005 Galleri Duetto, Helsinki, Finland: Exhibition of paintings in mixed media
2004 Malawi, Publication: The Hiding Hyena: with co-author A Ringbom: ed. cartoon book, using wild-life characters to reduce HIV/AIDS in Malawi, Africa
2003 Nunes Gallery, Helsinki Finland: exhibition – mixed media works – with Micaela Lappalainen & Eeva Raaste
2003 Finnish Television Documentary Alison I Stora Världen produced by Birgitta Wegelius duration 47’13” April. Biography focused on artistic and conservation work in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Central America
2002 Publication: Wiklund, A.T., K.R. McKaye.  J. Mponda and J.R. Stauffer Jr. Fuel briquettes as a sustainable economic alternative to deforestation in Lake Malawi Ecoregion. Sustainable Development International 7: 105-108
1999 Allegany Arts Council Gallery, Cumberland, Md, USA: exhibition with Debbie Heavener “Art & the Environment”
1998 Own studio in Frostburg, Maryland, USA: Allegany Arts Council sponsored “Open Studio: artists at work”. Art and the Environment: course using creative methods of recycling at the Appalachian Laboratory, Center for Environmental Science, Frostburg, Maryland, USA
1995 Corn Island, Nicaragua Art & Environment course: local school-teachers and children: Instituto Nacional (INCI)
1994 Granada, Nicaragua: exhibition, ”Casa de Los Tres Mundos”(, International Cultural Center
1993 Granada, Nicaragua: exhibition of children’s murals  and local schoolteachers’ art-works entitled Protection of our Environment, ”Casa de los 3 Mundos”, International Cultural Center
1991 Hanko Old Library, Finland: exhibition of paintings (group show)
1990 Kalles Gallery, Ekenäs, Finland: exhibition of painting (group show)
1989 Galleri Suomi, Stockholm, Sweden: drawings & paintings – jointly with Finnish artist Carola Gahmberg
1989 Ateljee Hulmi, Loimaa, Finland: exhibition of drawings & paintings
1988 Annegardens Cafe, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of drawings & watercolours
1988 Drumso Library, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of drawings & watercolours
1987 Hagelstam Gallery, Helsinki, Finland: Drawings & paintings
1986 MBI, Ekenäs, Finland: exhibition of pastels & watercolours
1985 Taidehalli, Helsinki, Finland: National Art Fair, drawings/watercolours/prints: Hagelstam Gallery, Helsinki
1984 Seinajoki Taidehalli, Finland: exhibition of drawings/watercolours
1983 Cafe Tant Brun, Hanko, Finland: exhibition of drawings & watercolours
1983 Ackerman Gallery, Helsinki, Finland: Drawings/paintings/prints
1981 Atelje Bar, Torni Hotel, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of drawings
1978 Hagelstam Gallery, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of watercolours
1975 Finnish Design Center, Helsinki, Finland: exhibition of wall-hangings& carpets – with Marina Strukel
1973 Taide Salonki Kellari, Bulevardi, Helsinki Finland: exhibition of drawing/ paintings & prints
1970 Rotunda Gallery, London, UK: drawings, paintings & prints – with Finnish artist Carola Gahmberg
1970 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London UK: etchings
1969 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London UK: etchings


2004- Malawi, Environmental Education/Arts Advisor, as well as Founding Trustee to HEEED Malawi, Malawian non-profit NGO – founded and funded by WWF Finland in 2004
2013 Nicaragua, Project awarded to Antonia Ringbom, Alison Wiklund, Jonathan Sundstrom and funded by Finnish Foreign Ministry entitled An indigenous youth workshop using art, film &  puppets – to raise awareness and secure the future of the Nicaraguan rainforest. In collaboration with a group of young students at Wawashang School and organized by FADCANIC, a Nicaraguan NGO, ( and by using a mix of hands-on techniques of drama, drawing, film, puppetry, paper making, creative recycling and documentation – we addressed some of the environmental & socio-economic concerns of the ethnic minorities on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. To promote the health & well-being of both the rainforest environment & the indigenous communities, our collaboration resulted in The Voice of the Jungle (animated cartoon film) and The Friends of the Rainforest (theatrical drama), as well as hand-made paper products – using local fibres
2012 Russia, Artist-in-residence: Heritage Expeditions, 3 journeys in Russian Far East
2011 Tanzania, Kondoa-Irangi UNESCO Rock Art Sites: Art & Environment Course at Mnenia Village organized Rock Art Conservation of Tanzania (RACC) – funded as part of a wider project by Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2010 Malawi, ENSOME ”Enhancing youngsters’ understanding of Lake Malawi Nat. Park: observation/drawing/creative recycling”
2009-2011 Malawi, Enhancing Community Action Through Environmental Education in the Lake Malawi Ecoregion. United Nation Development Programme GEF Small Grants Programme
2006-2008 Malawi, Conservation of Lake Malawi and Liwonde National Parks: Strategies for Health, Environmental Education and Economic Diversification of the Surrounding Communities. WWF Finland & Finnish Foreign Ministry
2003-2005 Malawi, Sustainable Economic &Environmental Strategies to Combat Famine & the Invasive Water Hyacinth in Liwonde & Lake Malawi National Parks: The World Wide Fund for Nature Finland and Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
2002-2004 Malawi, Conservation of Endangered Species of Fishes and Forests of Lake Malawi National Park: Environmental and Economic Strategies. The World Wide Fund for Nature Finland and Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
2001-2002 Using the Environment as an integrative context for learning. Funded by World Wildlife Fund USA
2000-2001 Chembe Village, Malawi Using the environment as an integrating context for learning: the interface of art, science and health education. Workshop in creative recycling in collaboration with PAMET, Blantyre, Malawi
1999 Maryland, USA, Symposium  “Arts, Sciences and the Humanities: Connections with the Real World.”Pew Foundation, Allegany Arts council, University of Maryland System Administration, Frostburg State University
1998 Maryland, USA, Exhibition of students’ art-work as part of Maryland State Dept.of Juvenile Justice presentation of educational aims in environmental education & integrated learning. Rocky Gap State Park, Allegany County
1998 Maryland, USA, Creative Applications in Recycling: workshop for Maryland State Elementary School Teachers sponsored by Maryland State Arts Council Frostburg State University
1998 Maryland, USA, Creative Recycling: artist-in-residency programme: Maryland State Arts Council Westmar High School
1997-2000 Maryland, USA, “Creative Applications in Environmental Education”with Maryland State Department of Juvenile Justice: Co-Principal Investigator on a 3-year grant ($237,000): an innovative pilot programme: providing further educational opportunities for self-development/the rehabilitation of adjudicated urban youth temporarily placed in W. Maryland Youth Camps: including  a theoretical component related to aesthetic concepts/ students’ relationship to their environment/ waste management/ observation/ drawing exercises/hands-on techniques in creative recycling – using local vegetation/waste for potential use in book-making, cards and  posters
1996-2000 Maryland, USA, Member of Environmental Education Committee, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science: responsible for proposals, developing creative recycling methods/using art as a tool in the State of Maryland School System
1997 Maryland, USA, elected for State Arts Council Artist- in-Residence Roster for Maryland State Public Schools
1992-1996 Nicaragua, Recruited by Finnish NGO “KEPA – Service Centre for Development Cooperation”, International Cultural Centre -”Fundacion Casa de los 3 Mundos”, Granada. Coordinator for Visual Arts Activities & Education + Teacher-training in Corn Island (Atlantic Coast)- using locally available materials
1989-1992 Helsinki Finland, Chinese brush painting:Initiated course at Swedish- speaking Adult Education Institute (Arbis)
1983-1992 Helsinki Finland, initiatedsilk-screen printing course:Swedish-speaking Adult Education Institute (Arbis)
1977-1989 Helsinki Finland, initiatedsilk-screen printing course: Finnish- speaking Adult Education Institute, Helsinki: Helsingin Kaupingin Tyovaenopisto
1973 Järvenpää, Finland, Researchedsilk-screen printing techniques on enamel Wärtsilä (Enamel Factory)
1971 Madrid, Spain, Organized a silk-screen printing department at Instituto de Artes Decorativas


2020 Gronqvist Stiftelse
2016 Exhibition (Hotel Nestor, Korpo): Exhibition stipend (Finnish Svenska Kulturfonden)
1989 Loimaa, Finland, Exhibition stipend (Finnish Svenska Kulturfond)
1987 Dunhuang, China: study scholarship (Finnish Svenska Kulturfond): “Temple-caves of the lOOO Buddhas”
1982 Beijing & Nanchang, China: study scholarship (Finnish Svenska Kulturfond): to research the paintings of l7th century Chinese painting master Chu Ta (Pa Ta Shan Jen)


Helsinki City Museum; Seinajoki City Art Museum
Ekenas/Tammisaari Town Museum
Hagelstam Gallery, Helsinki
Ekberg Cafe, Helsinki
Paulig OY AB, Helsinki
Backsbacka Collection/Museum
Helsinki; Partek OY, Helsinki
International Cultural Center, “Casa de los 3 Mundos”, Granada, Nicaragua
Private collections