Ensome - International consultants for the environment

HEEED Malawi - a Malawian NGO (acronym: Health-Education-Environment-Economic Development) working for the health and well-being of both the communities and the environment close to Lake Malawi National Park.  HEEED Malawi runs an Eco-lodge and Volunteer Programme that funds the various related activities and projects.

Chembe Projects  - Malawian NGO

Ru Runeberg - Finnish silversmith artist

Proyecto Ecologico - Nicaraguan NGO

SolveigLindqvistProjects - Art Gallery in Helsinki

Tanzanian Rock Art Conservation Centre

HERITAGE EXPEDITIONS – a New Zealand Travel Company specializing in journeys (aboard Spirit of Enderby)to remote, unique and pristine parts of the world: Antarctic, Sub-Antarctic Islands, The Russian Far East, Melanesia and Western Pacific

FADCANIC (Fundacion para la Autonomia y el Desarollo de la Costa Atlantica de Nicaragua) – a Nicaraguan NGO dedicated to nurture, strengthen and develop the process of Autonomy of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua: from civil society through the qualitative transformation of social, economic, cultural and political relations that benefit the indigenous and ethnic-minority  communities of the region

The Peace Project - a Nicaraguan community project, volunteer programme and hostel