Childhood ballet classes began a life-long passion for movement and dance, with associated stories and myths – a powerful thread running through human cultures since the beginning of time. The universality of dance and its expression through movement – is a window into the human spirit – a source of inspiration that has informed Alison’s later art-work, including the Whirling Dervishes Series (Konya, Turkey) and African Rhythms Series. 

We’ve got rhythm! (pulp-painting on hand-made paper) 21 x 15cm – 2008
Dance duet (mixed media) 40 x 30cm - 1985
Solitary dancing figure (fused glass) 20 x 10cm – 2010
Dance ritual (pulp-painting on hand-made paper) 40 x 40cm – 2005
Dance duet in blue (mixed media) 40 x 30cm – 1984
Dance sequence (monotype) 44 x 22cm – 1989
Dance trio (collage) 24 x 18cm – 1989
Fragments of an unknown dance (mixed media on 6 panels) 255 x 94cm - 1989/2009  
We are the Harmony Sisters three! (mixed media) 29 x 21cm – 1997
Dancers Series: Foxtrot-tango-sailor's waltz (glass + hand-made paper) - 2010
Dancers Series: Dance trio (fused glass) 18 x 10cm - 2010
Dancers Series: Fragments of an unknown dance (laminated glass sheets) 23 x 11cm - 2010