Finland… first days

Upon arrival to Helsinki in l972 and newly married, Alison’s adaptation to Finland and a new culture was rapid. New family connections introduced her to many Finnish and foreign artists and new art-forms. In 1973, Alison met Finnish artist and weaver, Marina Strukel, who taught her to weave. They set up a studio together in Helsinki and jointly exhibited their wall-hangings during the l970s and l980s. Simultaneously, Alison explored the iconic buildings of Helsinki as well as the rural setting of her new sea-side home near Hanko, including local fishing boats. Alison also began teaching art in Helsinki and her developing artistic output included some modest commissions: designing the Ekberg Cafe menu, drawings and paintings of the old Paulig coffee factory in Katajanokka, as well as portraits.

Fishing boats in Hanko harbour (mixed media) 19 x 29cm – 1989
Flautist duet (monotype) 19 x 29cm – 1983
Ekberg Café Menu, Helsinki - 1983
Ouspensky Cathedral, Helsinki (watercolour) 19 x 29cm - 1979
Paulig Coffee Factory, Katajanokka (charcoal drawing) Helsinki 22 x 29cm - 1979
Portrait of Anneli (oil) 46 x 55cm – 1983
The swooping birds over Qum, Persia (woven wall-hanging) 72 x 113cm – 1977
Balance (woven wall-hanging) 72 x 113cm - 1976