China and Tibet

China: A course in Chinese brush-painting with a Chinese master in Singapore in 1979-80 proved a major turning point in her art career. Alison embarked on the first of several journeys to China in 1982 (via the Trans Siberian railway)… to pay homage to Chu Ta Shan Jen (Pa-Ta), a Ch’an (Zen) painter-monk who lived the last 26 years of his life outside Nanchang (1650-1708), where his old home now exhibits some of his best paintings and calligraphy. Tibet: A dream fulfilled in 1984: to visit the Potala Palace in Lhasa. It was a memorable journey to a remarkable land and people – opening up truly stirring vistas, both inwardly and outwardly.
Portrait of A (Chinese brush-painting technique) 32 x 38cm - 1980
Bamboo (Chinese brush-painting exercise) 60 x 30cm – 1979
Tibetan woman, Lhasa, Tibet (mixed media) 27 x 20 cm - 1989
The open window, Lhasa, Tibet (mixed media) – 1989