Arctic and Antarctic

Beginning in 2007, several journeys to these remote and pristine wilderness areas with their frozen landscapes, diverse colours, moods and distinct wildlife continue to inspire including a recent journey through the magnificent fjords and coastline of the Svalbard Archipelago.

Our current climate crises underscore the urgency and importance of protecting the overall health of the Arctic and Antarctic regions, including their wildlife. 

Dosing polar bear image, Wrangel Island Arctic Ocean (watercolour) 19 x 29cm 2012
Hunting Polar Bear, Wrangel Island, Arctic Ocean, 17 x 23 cm
Castle Rock, near Scott Base, Antarctica (pen + wash) – 2007
Antarctic – Penguins emerging from the sea (pen + wash) – 2007
Disused coal mine at Longyearby, Svalbard – 2015
Danskoye Island, Svalbard – 2015
Sasha, our guide to new Russian Settlement at Pyramiden, Svalbard (pen & wash) 31 x 18cm – 2015