July 2023

Eeva, a Finnish women’s magazine, published an article (page 48) on Alison, her travels, her family and her art-work. 

 April-May 2023: Portugal

Following the excitement and heart-warming event of her retrospective exhibition, Alison took a relaxing break, to reconnect with her childhood roots in Portugal. The journey began in Porto with an exploration  of this historic city, the winding Douro River, as well as  magnificent flower-filled landscapes and medieval stone cottages in remote villages.   

April 2023

Article about the exhibition has been published in HBL newspaper. The piece can be read here.

“Alison Wiklund: An Artist’s Journey” has also video documentation available on Youtube.

March 2023

Alison was a guest in The Visit podcast. She shared glimpses of her studio as well as her life story, travels and details about her art practice. The full audio conversation with host Leda Vaneva is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The video version of the talk is on Youtube.

January 2023

Preparations are ongoing for the distribution of a book and a retrospective exhibition – both entitled “Alison Wiklund: An Artist’s Journey” at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland – from 22nd March to 10th April 2023. The retrospective exhibition of Alison’s art-work, spanning over 6 decades, as well as her book – will reflect the evolution of her artistic output, her travels and the influence of Oriental cultures.

Both Alison’s book and the exhibition will also emphasize the importance of including art, as a subject and tool, in environmental education. A central theme in the exhibition is also the role of Alison’s sketch-book which has always been an essential part of her personal hand-bag.  Whether living in Finland or during her many travelling expeditions, her sketch-book has been a powerful tool and a talisman.  It is a simple means to communicate, share ideas and cultivate friendships with all cultures.

Fishing hut, Sandvik Harun Jurmo, Finland

The exhibition will also include 2 workshops with two Helsinki High Schools: Tolo Gymnasium High School (Swedish-speaking) and Helsingin Kuvataidelukio (Finnish-speaking Visual Arts School, founded in 1925). These 2 workshops will focus on making hand-made paper, using organic waste. Alison’s former students from Malawi and Nicaragua will be leading these workshops. Furthermore, the public will have an opportunity throughout the exhibition to learn how to creatively recycle.

October 2020 – Grönqvist Stiftelse Award

Alison is deeply honoured to have been awarded a stipend in recognition of her artistic production from the Helene & Walter Grönqvist Foundation which has helped make this exhibition possible.  

Alison is a member of the Helsinki Artists Association (HAA). Her artworks can be loaned or purchased through HAA here.
Alison’s sunny breakfast in Portugal
Self-portrait, oil - 1966
Art student in London 1968