October 2022
Preparations are ongoing for the future publication of a book and a retrospective exhibition – both entitled “Alison Wiklund: an artist’s journey” at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland  – from 22nd March to 10th April 2023.  The retrospective exhibition of Alison’s art-work – spanning over 6 decades, as well as her book – will reflect the evolution of her artistic output, her travels and the influence of Oriental cultures. Both Alison’s book and the exhibition will also emphasize the importance of including art, as a subject and tool, in environmental education for the next generation, as well as the future health and well-being of our planetary ‘nest’.
To this end, the exhibition will also include 2 workshops with two Helsinki High Schools students: Tolo Gymnasium High School (Swedish-speaking) and Helsingin Kuvataidelukio (Finnish-speaking Visual Arts School, founded in 1925). The focus of these two workshops will be on making hand-made paper, using waste paper, onion skins, tea-bags and other organic fibres. The students’ workshop teachers will be Alison’s former students from Malawi and Nicaragua and these events will therefore be an opportunity for rich, cultural exchanges. Visiting members of the public are welcome to watch and join in!   Watch this space for precise times and dates of the papermaking workshops that will take place in the Valsaamo Gallery at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki!

October 2020 – Grönqvist Stiftelse Award

Alison is deeply honoured that the Grönqvist Foundation has awarded her a prize in support of her artistic production. The foundation, whose chairman is Karl Stockmann, is a private, non-profit organisation based in Helsinki that generously distributes unsolicited awards to artists, among others.

Alison’s sunny breakfast in Portugal
Self-portrait, oil - 1966
Art student in London 1968

2018 – Sandvik Harun – Sasong fisket vid Jurmo by Agneta Andersson

This recent publication by Ms. Andersson includes Alison’s drawings/paintings of birds, fishing huts, portraits and landscapes of her favourite islands in the Finnish Archipelago.


Exhibition of images from the Russian Far East : Alison was honoured to participate in the annual Arctic Forum Assembly, where she  exhibited over 30 art-works from the Russian Far East – celebrating the rich diversity of wildlife, indigenous faces and landscapes. Some of the images on display highlighted the need for engaging the local communities in creative recycling/removal of much iron debris from an otherwise pristine Arctic shoreline.


A celebration of the Finnish Archipelago” at Hotel Nestor, Korpo: 14.06-31.08.2016. With over 100 art-works, the scope of the earlier exhibition at Sipoo Library in 2015 was expanded to include island landscapes and portraits of significant islanders in the Turku/Abo archipelago. The display included 5 posters with background material, texts and photos.

“A review by  Abo Underrattelser 1.06.2016”  [English translation]. Contact and


A group exhibition at Konstoform Gallery (04.06-30.08.2015) included Alison’s art-works depicting scenes from her favourite islands in the Finnish Baltic Sea.


A group exhibition of 60 artists that included Alison’s large mixed-media art-work entitled Malawian mothers & daughters homeward bound – from the African Rhythms Series. 


An exhibition of images from the Russian Far East: watercolours, pastels and drawings of wild-life, landscapes and faces, as well as 47 digital prints: all were inspired by several journeys to that remote region aboard The Spirit of Enderby, including Alison’s artist-in-residency in 2012 with Heritage Expeditions. A more detailed description of the journeys that have inspired these art-works can be found in the Russian Far East section of this website.


Upon arrival to Helsinki in l972 and newly married, Alison’s adaptation to Finland and a new culture was rapid. New family connections introduced her to many Finnish and foreign artists and new art-forms. In 1973, Alison met Finnish artist and weaver, Marina Strukel, who taught her to weave. They set up a studio together in Helsinki and jointly exhibited their wall-hangings during the l970s and l980s. Simultaneously, Alison explored the iconic buildings of Helsinki as well as the rural setting of her new home near Hanko. Alison also began teaching art in Helsinki and her developing artistic output included some modest commissions: designing the Ekberg Cafe menu and drawings and paintings of the old Paulig coffee factory in Katajanokka. 

Thanks to Henrik Paulig’s purchase of her art-work in l979, Alison was able to embark on her quest to travel to Singapore where she learnt Chinese brush-painting from Master Nai Swee Leng. As her art-work developed, Alison also received a number of Finnish art grants.  Nearly 50 years later, Alison has established a long and close association with Finland which continues to this day…