Alison’s continued concern for the environmental health of the planet, whether terrestrial or underwater, has informed much of her later art-work –  as well as related teaching projects in different countries. 

Corn Island serenade, Nicaragua (mixed media: onion skin, waste paper, paint) 70 x 67cm - 2001
Fragile underwater landscape, Corn Island, Nicaragua (mixed media on hand-made paper) 55 x 44cm – 2003
Underwater landscape, Corn Island, Nicaragua (mixed media) 20 x 13cm – 1997
Wonders of the deep: Corn Island, Nicaragua (pulp-painting on hand-made paper) 20 x 13 cm - 1998
Oil-drum wreckage, Kolyuchinskaya Inlet, Chukotka, Russian Far East (pen & wash) 22 x 18cm - 2009
Oil-drum debris, Cape Dezhnev, Russian Far East (pen & wash) 25 x 18cm - 2009
Ken hiking in the Himalayas (pen &wash) – 2018