Celebration: youth, with all its exuberance and energy, as well as personal moments of spiritual reflection and insight – have all inspired many images. These have developed over time – combining paper-making, print-making and pastel techniques.
Party-time at Casa de los Tres Mundos (starring Pantera,Toba & Tereza!), Granada, Nicaragua (mixed media) 67 x 42cm - 1994
Multi-universe Series: inter-planetary dance (mixed media on hand-made paper) 77 x 55cm - 2005/2010
Celebration on stage 1 (mixed media) 30 x 20cm – 2002
Marching forward in unison (mixed media on hand-made paper) 70 x 30cm – 2005
Balloon Party Series: enjoy my party! (pulp-painting on hand-made paper) 50 x 37cm – 2001
Balloon Party Series: spotlight on a colourful balloon party (mixed media on hand-made paper) 70 x 30cm – 2001
Illumination (mixed media) 22 x 10cm - 2005