During several successful journeys on small cruise ships – passengers of all ages, backgrounds and talent participated in Alison’s informal art-classes which took place on-board (in the bar/ on deck) or on land (as the “stationary group”). Subjects ranged from simple observation exercises to drawing landscapes or a striking “still-life”.  Students were also encouraged to draw, wildlife, faces and figures, to creatively recycle.  Below are some images from these journeys and some resulting art-work. For more images see Art Travels in Russian Far East, Arctic and Antarctic).

Artists and scientists unite during art class – in the bar!
Aglaia – youngest passenger – squaring up a sea-lion
Grisha + Lisa art class in the bar on board
Animated art class on board – in the bar
Observation exercises on deck
Art class on deck – Sea of Okhotsk
Art class en plain air at Bukhta Natalia – Kamchatka
Ship's doctor Konrad using view-finder while drawing the coast of Kuril Island
Gayle using view-finder to draw landscape
Alison drawing 7 birders of Atlasova – a commission
Alison working in the cabin
The 7 birders of Atlasova
Chukotka – walrus haul-out
Chukotka slumbering walrus made good models!
Drawing + photographic observation in zodiac of Kuril Island fox
Kuril Island fox
Kuril Island Yanchita Island blue fox – 2009
Chukotka – Anadyr river – relating to the community through portraiture
Chukotka – Anadyr river – Genya – 2009
Urup – Kuril Iskand – drawing on driftwood
Chukotka Spoon-billed Sandpiper + chick made from waste wire made by Sasha Borodin
Drawing of Kamchatka iris
King penguins – Macquarie Island
Penguins and reclining iceberg in background. Antarctic
Otter and pup – Sea of Okhotsk
Alison sketching at Atlasova – Kuril Islands – 2009
View of ship from Kuril Island
Heritage expeditions – Spirit of Enderby + volcano – Kamchatka – 2012